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Performance and Mental Coaching



Becoming the best takes a plan. I spent 14 years working tirelessly perfecting my plan to firstly make it to the Olympic Games and then Finally winning my Olympic Medal.  It takes time and it takes HARD WORK.  The hard work is up to you, but I can save you a lot of time and fast track your performance and success path.  Working within my PERFORMANCE PLAYBOOK structure you will find your best results faster and more consistently.


Every top golfer has 'the swing', can hit it 300 yds, and can stick an 8-iron to 10 feet.  So, if everyone at the top has this physical ability - what is the difference between the best and the rest? EVERYTHING ELSE.  Mental game, strategy, and tactics are just a few pieces of your performance puzzle that all have to fit together seamlessly. We work with top level golfers and coach them to play great every day, under pressure, when it matters the most.  


Speaking in either a keynote style or a more "hands-on" workshop setting, Jeff delivers his high level look at performance via his PERFORMANCE PLAYBOOK system and structure.  



UBCO ASSISTANT COACH (Mental & Performance)

Motto: "There is always a better way"


Mission: “Empower athletes with a holistic performance plan and mental game to match their physical skills”

 Jeff is a 3x Olympian, Olympic Silver Medallist, 4x World Champion, and 22x World Cup medallist. Hard Work, tireless planning, and exacting execution were the cornerstone to Jeff's Olympic and World Cup Success.   Jeff is now focused on golf and bringing his technical knowledge, holistic performance plan, and mental coaching to golfers who want to be their best.


 Jeff spent his career learning how to rise above the competition by tirelessly searching for the minute nuances that make all the difference.

 He learned to compete under pressure and do it at will.  Jeff does not believe in random chance or luck: he believes consistentperformances can be planned and trained for.


 Jeff is an innovator and visionary.  He enjoys the challenge of a problem and thinks outside the box to put ideas, systems, and technologies together to achieve podium level results.  He is highly intuitive with a keen eye for detail and uses an “observe and solve” style of consulting and coaching to identify inherent talents and find gaps to inform development decisions and optimize success. Jeff collaborates with you to fine tune your game via a simple focused strategy that breeds clarity, commitment, and consistency.


University / Team Programs

3 part lecture series: $1000 (USD) (approx. 1 hr / lecture) Remote/Web based live lectures (for in-person seminars, please contact for pricing) 

Individual player coaching: (typ. 9 mo. contract: Sept - May) please contact for pricing (multi-player discount available)

On-site Lecture / Lecture Series: please contact for pricing

Team Performance Consultant: Holistic program development and coaching

Individual Clients


Coaching time: 2x/month - 45 minute remote (Face Time / Skype) sessions + pre or post tournament prep or recap/analysis + unlimited 15-minute 'check-ins'

Jr (15-18): $300/mo (CAD) - site visits (location dependent) $150 / day + expenses

Pre-tour / Pre-status (19+): $400/mo (CAD) - site visits (location dependent) $250 / day + expenses

MacKenzie tour / Symettra / Web / LPGA / PGA / Sr. PGA: please contact for personal quote 

program details

Notable Performance Clients

Rod Spittle, Sr. PGA

Troy Bulmer, Q-school 2022 hopeful

Mitch Gillis, / McKenzie Tour 

UBCO Golf Team



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 250-307-5526 or fill out the following form

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Vernon, BC


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